Hindsight is 20-20 and an asshole.

Elliott Smith - Reading Festival 1998
I was at the festival the year this was recorded, more interested in the Warped Stage in those days though. I met him too, well was forced to go take a picture of him for a friend back home. Literally six months later I was obsessed with his self titled album and Either/Or and kicking myself. Since then there's been large periods of time where I haven't listened to anything else but those albums and his later ones. Probably my all time favourite songwriter.

Sorry for posting all the long videos, I've ignored google video for ages in favour of youtube, forgot that they had all these long posts on it.

In a Priest Driven Ambulance: Live '95

Five years after it was released and with a new line up the Flaming Lips played all of my favourite album of theirs in Oklahoma

Titus Andronicus C.A.M.P. London

First youtube video I've found:

The Meeting Point Between Genius and Retard (Or Where There's a Gilligan There's a Way)


Dublins greatest ever band?

Check em out - here.
It only took them about 13 years to get something up on the internet.
Alan O'Gorman - Rich Gilligan - Peter Toole

The Limits of Memory


What did I want to say?
Oh, I dunno.

I saw Titus Andronicus in London last week. It was amazing, even better than I thought it would be, even though I played it down a lot to the people I dragged along with me who had never heard of them before. Thanks to Leona for the tickets and place to stay.
Watch this and feel envy (accentuated by the green border):

Now go get this and rock the fuck out:

Knut - Wonder
Oh and I got into college. Doing Arts in UCD starting in September.