There Will Be Blood (Unless that offends you)

There are two movies I'm really looking forward to coming out later this year and both of these movies have endured serious delays and supposed opposition from the studios that are producing them.
I really dislike the American studio process of making movies, film is a directors medium, producers and studios in my opinion should generally rank below writers and actors in the chain of creativity. Focus grouping and studio interference only acts to push movies further towards a bland, inoffensive middle ground. I'm sure in some form it has always been this way but in recent years and especially with the current economical climate studios seem to be more interested in producing safe, categorisable, genre specific movies. For every There Will Be Blood, there are dozens of forgettable high-concept effects dependent spectical or tentpole movies. Every so often a movie like Watchmen will slip through and tick all the boxes. Despite all its flaws it was a big budget effects driven superhero movie that remained faithful to the vision of Alan Moore and the director Zack Snyder. As I said the movie had its faults yet as a very dark, subversive, character driven superhero movie it managed to arrive relatively unharmed by studio interference. The same could be said for the Dark Knight, these movies however were of a definate genre and easily marketable.
This brings me to the two movies I'm waiting to see right now, The Road by John Hillcoat based on the book by Cormac McCarthy and Where The Wild Things Are by Spike Jonze based on the childrens book by Maurice Sendak. Both movies have endured long delays, the release date for the Road having been pushed back almost a year from its original. In both cases rumours of studio interference have been constant, both movies percieved as too dark and as problems to market. In the case of the Road I really don't know what the studio that is producing it was expecting! Had they not read the book? They even went to the length of releasing a trailer for the film cut with footage from other movies, that showed action packed scenes of what causes the state of the world in the story and that focus on Charlize Therons role of the wife, who I've heard is barely in the movie anyway. I read a recent review of the completed movie and am confident now that it will be released relatively unharmed and as a true representation of the book it is based on. Just with a horrible marketing campaign.
As for Where The Wild Things Are, this movie has so much going for it could they really manage to fuck it up? Spike Jonze, an awesome trailer, a soundtrack by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's and again, SPIKE JONZE! I get that it has cost the studio a lot of money and that it doesn't really play out like a classic kids movie but it could be so much more. I've read enough to get the impression that it could be a truly great movie, a true snapshot of what it's like to be 9 years old and confused.
Anyway enough of this, here's the two trailers, make of them what you will. I just hope we get to see more movies come out that are more ambitious and less watered down. Better to fail spectacularly than release polished shite i reckon.


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