Hecho Con Ganas


Ernesto Yerena Montejano is the 23 year old protegé of Shepard Fairey, creator of Obey Giant. His own line of prints is called Hecho Con Ganas and I'm really liking the ones I've seen on the net so far.
His work is politically geared towards raising awareness of Chicano/Mexican American culture and the figures that have been important to him within that area.
I recently watched something about him making a print of Zack de la Rocha which was used to draw attention to a situation in Maricopa County, Arizona that De La Rocha had been speaking out about. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been accused of human rights violations including the in-humane conditions of Tent City, a temporary expansion of the local jail due to over crowding and ignoring the screening process required for deputising officials in order to hire sheriffs from unsavory baackgrounds.
You can read more about this HERE.

I really like Ernesto Yerena's fine art prints, I've attached two below. The first is El Ché - Green, the second is Chavez - Brown


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