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Winter War - Blood Trails EP


I did another thing. More bad singing, more mistakes. LINK.

Winter War - Small Songs EP


I made this!
Some stuff that's been lying around for a while and some i just finished after a long time. Contains: many mistakes, bad production, worse singing.
Get it here: LINK

Play a Strawberry: RIP Donald Glen Vliet

In proving that this blog is only useful for Titus Andronicus news and obituaries, tonight I am saddened by the passing of a true musical hero, mr. Donald Glen Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart. Here's the first link in a great BBC documentary about the man.

"Play it like a bat being dragged out of oil and it's trying to survive, but it's dying from asphyxiation."

Quick Post


I don't think this album is out yet but it might quite possibly be the greatest rock and roll album of the past few years, I've only listened to it once so far and it's gooooooooood. I'm not gonna post links anymore, y'all know how to search for downloads anyway.

I'm thinking of posting some stuff I recorded on here just to get it outta the way, its a few years old but whatever, bones of an EP. Have to see if it's still on my dad's old computer first.

Also go see Titus Andronicus in Whelans on the 27th of this month, if you don't you'll probably get touched inappropriately by a priest.

More Titus from London

This just showed up on the youtubes, so here it is...

Hindsight is 20-20 and an asshole.

Elliott Smith - Reading Festival 1998
I was at the festival the year this was recorded, more interested in the Warped Stage in those days though. I met him too, well was forced to go take a picture of him for a friend back home. Literally six months later I was obsessed with his self titled album and Either/Or and kicking myself. Since then there's been large periods of time where I haven't listened to anything else but those albums and his later ones. Probably my all time favourite songwriter.

Sorry for posting all the long videos, I've ignored google video for ages in favour of youtube, forgot that they had all these long posts on it.